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DGZ Racing Logo

DGZ Racing Logo – a brand new design for a brand new motorsports outfit- DGZ Racing Team.

The Job:

As with all of my logo designs – I tried to keep things as clear and simple as possible. Which is extra important when the logo is on a supped up car going around a track at break-neck speeds! The absolute most crucial aspects of logo design are:

Simplicity: Is the design simple and clean enough to be flexible and easily recognizable? Is it not too busy, distracting, or confusing?

Memorability: Is it quickly recognizable? Will people only have to spend a second or two thinking about it to get it?

Timelessness: Will it still be a great logo in 10, 20, or even 50 years?

Versatility: Does it scale to different sizes without losing quality? Will it work across various media and within different contexts?

Appropriateness: Does it resonate with the desired audience?

The Client:

The DGZ Racing team was set up and sponsored by another client I regularly work for. Digizani is an online marketplace for in game gold, cash and coins for PC, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles and one of their main websites is DGZ Gold.com (CLICK HERE).

Previous Work:

If you want to see more logos in a similar sharp modern styles the DGZ Racing Logo, check out this design (CLICK HERE) I did for a high street fashion boutique ‘Chie Chie’, this one (CLICK HERE) for a fishing equipment shop and this logo (CLICK HERE) was designed for a DJ outfit who spins the decks on the back of his mobile milk float.

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