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Cuboy Character & Game Design

Cuboy Character & Game Design – One of my most popular creations, enjoyed by millions on Youtube, Newgrounds and Kongregate is Cuboy. He’s a character who has appeared in cartoons and games, including 2 highly involved point-n-click adventure titles. In creating Cuboy’s world, my work encompassed character design, animation, game design, directing, storyboarding, audio editing, voice acting and song writing.

To play the highly acclaimed, Flash Game of the Year nominated, ‘Back to the Cubeture 2’ please visit, EdibleCastle.com

Cuboy Episode 3 can be viewed here

The Job:

As with all of my illustrations and character designs – I tried to keep things as clear and simple as possible. The most crucial aspects of the Cuboy character & game design were:

Function: One of the most common theories in design is that form must follow function, and this applies to all areas including illustration & character design. A design with a logical, simple form is more easily understood. Basic shapes like circles or squares often work best as the wireframe for a character or layout of the design because of their versatility and visual clarity.

Style: Contrast of shape, form or proportion is a great way to balance shapes and make the illustration interesting. The style of a illustration comes from the way in which the shapes that compose it blend together in a visually stimulating manner.

Personality: The personality of an illustration or character design is composed of many aspects but a large part of comes from the physical traits and features since those are the first things you notice when coming into contact with it. Adding some dynamic elements goes a long way.

The Client:

Edible Castle is an online creative studio run by Will Arbuckle and Andy Dennis which produces award winning games and cartoons. You can visit their online gaming platform (HERE).

Previous Work:

If you want to see more logos, graphics and animation in a similar sharp modern style as this design, check out this logo design I did for a high street fishing equipment shop, these 2d animations I worked on for an online monster-filled virtual-world and these dynamic character design illustrations I developed for an educational platform which uses games to teach kids mathematics, language and more. For all my designs- click on the green ‘WA’ logo at the top of the page and use the filtering links to help find the content you’re interested in.

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