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LSH Icon set

LSH Icon set – London Speaker Hire deal with a huge amount of audio and visual equipment. For website categorisation, a large set of icons were created from wireless microphones to laser lights to dance floors, and everything in between.

The Job:

As with all of my icon designs – I tried to keep things as clear and simple as possible. The most crucial aspects of this kind of work are:

Form: Form is the underlying structure of an icon, or how it is made. If you ignore the details of an icon and draw a line around the major shapes, do they form a square, a circle, a horizontal or vertical rectangle, a triangle or a more organic shape? The primary geometric shapes — circle, square and triangle — create a visually stable foundation for icon design.

Aesthetics Unity: The elements that are shared within a single icon and across an icon set are called the aesthetic unity. These elements are things like rounded or square corners, the specific size of corners, limited and consistent line weights , the style, the colour palette and more. The aesthetic unity of a set is the collection of design elements and/or choices you repeat throughout the set to visually tie it together as a cohesive whole.

Recognisability: Recognisability is a product of an icon’s essence or what makes an icon unique. Whether an icon works ultimately depends on how easily the viewer comprehends the object, idea or action it depicts.

The Client:

London Speaker Hire is a hire shop supplying audio and visual equipment to clients in London and Cardiff . You can visit their online shop (HERE).

Previous Work:

If you want to see more logos, graphics and animation in a similar sharp modern style as this design, check out this logo design I did for a high street fishing equipment shop, these 2d animations I worked on for an online monster-filled virtual-world and these dynamic character design illustrations I developed for an educational platform which uses games to teach kids mathematics, language and more. For all my designs- click on the green ‘WA’ logo at the top of the page and use the filtering links to help find the content you’re interested in.

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