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Sumdog Pets

Sumdog Pets Animation & Illustration – I developed 13 ‘tricks’ for each animal, using 2D skeletal animation to bring them to life. As every animal has a different form- custom rigs were required to have them ready for animation.

The Job:

As with all of my animation work – I tried to keep motion as clear and simple with the Sumdog Pets Animation & Illustration. The most crucial aspects of this kind of work are:

Squash and Stretch: The purpose of which is to give a sense of weight and flexibility. Anticipation: to prepare the audience for an action. Staging: to direct the audience’s attention. Pose to Pose: drawing a few key frames, and then filling in the intervals later. Follow Through and Overlapping Action: to give the impression that characters follow the laws of physics. Easing: Animation looks more realistic if it has more drawings near the beginning and end of an action. Arc: Most natural action tends to follow an arched trajectory. Secondary Action: Adding secondary actions to the main action gives a scene more life. Timing: which translates to the speed of the action on film. Exaggeration: as animated motions that strive for a perfect imitation of reality can look static and dull. Solid drawing: which means drawing with volume and weight. Appeal: which corresponds to what would be called charisma in an actor.

The Client:

Sumdog deals with math & ELA standards aligned adaptive learning for grades K-8. Loved by students, parents and teachers. You can visit their online gaming platform (HERE).

Previous Work:

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