Hi, I'm Will Arbuckle, a Freelance animator / designer, based in Edinburgh UK. I specialise in 2D animation, motion design and illustration.

What I Do...

Here's a compact list of animation and design services I can provide for your company.

Explainer Videos

Simple and engaging motion design videos used to explain products, topics and services.


Animated videos to sell your product in formats that are TV and internet ready.

Social Content

I can create short-form animated content that is tailored for social platforms.


I specialise in 2D design work required for short and long-form animation projects.


As a freelance animator / designer, I've animated on a variety of projects during my career, from email signatures to game assets to TV broadcast-ready content. My skillset revolves around a 2D style and I specialise in the following categories:

2D Animation Supervision

Motion Design

Character Animation

You can learn more about each of these disciplines on the animation page as I describe my specific roles within some recent projects.

Will Arbuckle Animation

Art Direction

Having a solid understanding of design principles has made art directing animated projects a comfortable fit. I can craft a coherent, consistent, consise visual identity for your animation product.

Projects that I have art directed have ranged from vibrant kid's Youtube content and educational products to more corporate material such as internal company instructional films.

Read more about my process on the art direction page.

Will Arbuckle Art Direction


Design is the backbone of everything I do. It informs the majority of my decisions whether it's reviewing an animator's walk cycle, laying out a scene in After Effects or creating a character for a web series. I specialise in the following categories:

Character Design

Prop Design

Logo and Branding

Recently I've had the pleasure of working on projects that have been very design-heavy and some of these can be read about on the design page.

Will Arbuckle Design